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Faith Formation for Children

THANK YOU to all who attended our Family Prayer Stations activity on Sunday, June 14th! If you would like more information about the activity, please contact the Faith Formation office! 
Check out for a variety of summer faith activities for families!

lesson plans for families to complete at home

All children are invited to bring a can of fruit to C.L.O.W. 
to share with the Valley Food 

Amen!! / John 15:5  I am the vine you are the branches If any man remains in me and I in him he will bear much fruit apart from me you can do nothing.

Children's Liturgy of the Word
Children ages 3 years old-5th grade are invited to join us, year round, for the Children's Liturgy of the Word during the 9:00 am mass! Children will be dismissed from mass following the Opening Prayer with an adult leader who will share age appropriate readings and the gospel with our young children, and help them to understand the Word through age appropriate songs, activities, and experiences! Children return to join their families in the church following the Profession of Faith. 
**We welcome new volunteers to lead our Children's Liturgy of the Word! Please contact the Faith Formation office if you would be interested in participating!**


Children's Liturgy of the Word | St. Francis Catholic Church | Sherwood, OR

CATECHISTS:  Please click here for a printable PDF of our
Level 1-8 Lesson Plan 

Faith Formation registration forms available on the church website and outside of the Faith Formation Office. NO ONLINE REGISTRATION THIS YEAR, hard copies only can be obtained online.

CATECHISTS:  Click here for a PDF of Level 1-8 Lesson Plan
Click here for a PDF of our 2014-2015 Handbook
Click here for a PDF of our 2014-2015 Calendar

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Director of Faith Formation
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Faith is like a garden. For it to be productive, a garden needs tending. For faith to Our Lady of Sugarloafbe strong, it must be nurtured. It isn't enough to simply plant the seeds of faith in the mind and heart of a child. It is our responsibility to help them take root and grow, to shed light and warmth and to shelter them from the cold wind of a secular culture until they're strong enough to sustain themselves. We recognize that parents are the primary educators of children in matters of faith. Our goal is to support them and help them succeed in that role.

Our Faith Formation program for children is a dynamic, comprehensive, Christ-centered curriculum taught by dedicated servant-leaders. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for children to grow in the knowledge and understanding of their faith in the company of their classmates as well as individually. With the support of our parish family, we engage our students in an educational process where each child will come to know God ever more fully and bear witness to His love throughout all of their lives.

 Every Sunday, we invite our youngest members to participate with their families in our "Children's Liturgy of the Word" during 9 o'clock Mass. It's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate together and to meet Jesus anew through the eyes of our children. And it is equally important for them to be completely comfortable as they hear and begin to absorb the Word of God.

Children and youth in first through eighth grade are invited to participate in our religious education program. Our schedule closely follows the academic year, beginning in September and ending in May. Classes are held on Sunday mornings, following the 9 o'clock Liturgy. Faith formation is always more successful if attendance is consistent. Regular attendance helps children learn, become part of their class and develop a sense of community. Belonging to a community is central to what it means to be Catholic.

Diocesan guidelines require students to attend two years of religious education prior to receiving the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. They must satisfactorily complete Levels three through eight, prior to receiving the sacrament of Confirmation.

First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in the second level. First Reconciliation takes place in December and First Eucharist in April or May. A special day of retreat for First Communicants and their parents is held in March. Our Crowning of the Blessed Mother takes place in May.

Confirmation is received during eighth level. Students prepare intensively for this sacrament in the seventh and eighth levels by studying the Sacraments, the laws of the Church and the teachings of Jesus. Candidates for Confirmation are expected to perform community and church service and are required to meet Spiritual Formation Requirements.

For more complete details, please contact Carla Bednar, Director of Faith Formation: e-mail.

To continue your child's faith learning at home, please visit: